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‘Imagine a man coming in. He’s friendly. Joyful. Expressive. Very present to what you want to discuss with him and happy to be of service. His enthusiasm is contagious, his playfulness apparent, his creativity endless. At the same time, he is practical and to the point. He knows his stuff. There’s also something you can’t quite put your finger on.
A kind of innocence that puts you at ease. An openness that is integer and authentic. And suddenly he triggers something in your consciousness and your life will never be the same again. Take a deep breath, relax and allow that smile to emerge on your face…

You’ve just met Cyriel Kortleven.
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Put Cyriel in front of an audience and he will ignite a lot of sparks. People will become more positive and creative. They get enthusiastic to explore new paths. The results: energy, ideas and a strong basis for change.

Cyriel Kortleven
* Global spreker
* Expert in creativity & change, already 15 years
* Thoughtleader and author of 4 books
* Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the first one in Belgium

Keynotes and presentations
* Practical, clear, open, informal
* Tailor-made for the audience
* Interactive – even with large audiences
* Participants will experience the power of creativity
* A boost of your potential
* Opening the gateway to change and innovation
* Two languages: English or Flemish/Dutch
* Lots of humour

Cyriel Kortleven, born in 1975, grew up in Zutendaal (Flemish Limburg). His life and career are dedicated to creativity and innovation. People in a creative flow are the most productive and enjoyable colleagues. That’s something that every manager and leader knows. But how do you get your people in that mindset? Cyriel explores this challenge as a management trainee, office manager and business consultant. And he gives the answer as a speaker & author. The creative potential of people awakens.

‘The creative power is the most important element of a company or organisation.’ claims Cyriel. ‘Invest in the potential of your people and your organisation will flourish. And it’s also better for your as an individual and the whole society because:

* Problems are transformed to opportunities
* Threats are transformed to chances
* ‘Yes but …’ is transformed to ‘Yes and …’
* A passive reaction is transformed to an active experiment

Cyriel brings people in the creative & entrepreneurial mindset that we need to cope with all the changes and challenges of this time. Cyriel delivers the spark, the talk & the tools.

From Brussels to New Zealand
Apart from Belgium and the Netherlands, Cyriel has given various presentations in cities all over the world: New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Calgary, London, Paris, Dublin, Budapest, Cairo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Orvieto, Manchester, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland, …

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Global speaker, Author 4 books, Master of Interaction, Inspirator, Certified Speaking Professional, Sparking creativity, Boosting potential, Interaction, Yes And Act, Less is Beautiful, Human, Present!