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A book about time … That’s not so weird if you know that my last name is ‘Kortleven’, which translates literally into ‘Short Life’.

This is a book about Time.

It’s not a book about time-management.

It’s not a book about the clock.

It’s a book about Time and the different perspectives on this topic.

What I need to tell you cannot be found by skimming through it quickly. You will not touch it by reading it all in one go. Oh certainly, all of this might give you some pleasant sensations and even brief satisfaction.

But you won’t have heard the heartfelt song of Time hidden within, nor will you have experienced her lightheartedness, her brightness, her beauty, her playfullness, her now-ness, her endless depths. To take your Time is of essence in this book.

Cause your Time is precious.

“Loved to read Timespiration. Inspiring book and a fascinating view on time …”
Martijn van Kooij
“The value of a book can’t be found in just counting the pages, the value of a book can only be found by taking your time to reflect upon the message hidden in it. This is certainly true for Timespiration from Cyriel Kortleven. ”
Sara Pieters

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