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Yes And … Your Business

Yes and… your Business. An English book about the added value of improvisation in organisations. Improvisation helps your organisation to be more innovative and flexible. Your projects go faster and employees learn a lot of skills by applying a few principles.

The authors (Gijs van Bilsen, Joost Kadijk en Cyriel Kortleven) show how you can lead in complex, changing environments; how you stimulate creativity and how multi-cultural teams collaborate better via improvisation.

Yes and your business

The target audience are managers and trainers and you will get a grounded theoretical base and more than 70 exercises to add value in your teams to give a boost to your organisation. 18 international experts from all parts of the world have contributed by delivering their favorite exercise for this book.

“The book does a great job of connecting the basic principles of improv with guidelines for creating a resilient business model with engaged employees. Simple, yet profound.”
Stef Kuypers