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Earn 500 euro/dollar in 3 minutes

I invite you to become my affiliate partner. It’s very simple:

1. You recommend me, Cyriel Kortleven, as a speaker to one of your connections

2. Your connection hires me as a keynote speaker

3. You receive a reward of 500 euro or equivalent in dollars

I’m sure that you know several people who organise an event, meeting or conference. And they are probably looking for an interesting and exciting speaker. And that’s where I come in the picture because I love to deliver an inspiring and relevant keynote around creativity and innovation as a change-agent.

In my role as professional speaker, recommendations are very valuable. For that reason, I want to thank you in a nice and decent way. You will receive 500 euro and my eternal gratitude if your recommendation leads to a well-paid assignment.

How does it work?

  • You had the opportunity to see me in action on stage and liked the content/style/experience.
  • You send a mail (example below) to your connection.
  • You put me in CC (or BCC) to make sure that I know that you recommended me to that person/organisation.
  • You will get a message from me when I can do a paid assignment for that organisation.
  • You send me an invoice of 500 euro and I’ll pay you that amount.

Example mail

Hi [name connection],

I’ve recently been to an event and one of the guest speakers was Cyriel Kortleven. A very skilled and enthusiastic speaker.
I was touched by his content and energy during his performance.

You can have a look at his website www.cyrielkortleven.com for movies, background information and references. I wanted to share his name with you because I know that your organisation is also organising events and meetings  where you might be looking for an interesting speaker.

All the best,
[your name]

Some extra guidelines

  • Of course you can recommend me to different people.
  • You will receive 500 euro for every paid assignment that I will get (for the recommendations that you did).
  • You can of course do whatever you want with the money – donate it to a good cause or I can give a discount to the company that’s going to hire me.
  • You will also get a nice present if you recommend me at least to three different organisations (even if this is not leading to a paid assignment)
  • Due to my role as speaker, I am meeting a lot of people and organisations so chances exist that I already have a connection with a certain organisation. You can be assured that I will be honest and transparent about these connections. But even when I have a connection and your recommendation speeds up the process, then you will get the reward anyway.
  • The completion time of an assignment can be between 3 and 18 months (sometimes even years) because companies, associations and governments don’t organise a weekly event for employees or clients. So it could be quite a while before they will hire me for an assignment. But I keep you updated about the progress if the organisation is interested in collaboration.