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Break, Burn or Ban the Box

Tired of fixed thinking patterns?

This interactive presentation will help you to break outside of the box of fixed thinking patterns. You will get hands-on tips and tricks to give your own creativity (and of your colleagues) a creative boost. You will be amazed how fast your brain will switch to the automatic pilot of pattern-thinking; get inspired by several tailor-made examples and stories and experience the power of thinking in yes and …During this presentation, you will be inspired by the possibilities of creativity and break your own fixed thinking patterns.

Keynote - Break, burn or ban the box

The following topics are part of the keynote:

  • Patterns, patterns and the curse of knowledge
  • Recognizing & breaking patterns
  • Creative principles – the Yes and – attitude
  • Yes and … Suspend judgement
  • Explore the world from a different perspective
  • Suppose that … use your imagination
  • Associations – make new flexible connections
  • Next Idea – don’t stop after your second idea – diverge
  • Do it now – have guts and go for it

The presentation is very interactive and hands-on (with exercises, movies, stories and tips & tricks).

Take away for participants:

  • Discover how quickly our brains thinks in patterns.
  • Learn 6 creative skills to generate a lot of ideas in a short amount of time.
  • Develop a creative mindset.
  • Practical tips and techniques to apply the next day.
  • Access to my handout slides, 7 inspiration-movies, toolcard with ideakillers & boosters…
“Cyriel delivered one of the best conference talks I’ve ever seen.”
Ben Flavel, Co-founder CheckinLine
“Cyriel is a high-energy, engaging speaker with a passion for creativity and innovation that is infectious. The techniques he explores open the mind to what is possible with a creative mindset and I would highly recommend Cyriel for your next event.”
Kathryn McDonald, Opus International Consultants
“Cyriel has jump-started our project management conference with a very creative, entertaining yet also very to-thepoint presentation. He received an 8 (which is VERY high for this audience!!) He really provided a brilliant atmosphere for our very successful IPMA-NL Conference.”
Peter Coesmans, Organiser International project Management Conference
Keynote - Less Is Beautiful
Keynote - Life is short. Choose Life.