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Less is Beautiful

How ‘less’ can succeed in business.

‘Less is beautiful’ … We live in a society with an abundance of products and services, connections, technologies, information but a downside is that we almost get paralysed by the choices and possibilities (burn-outs, stress and less and less time for the real important things in life).

Keynote - Less Is Beautiful

Take away for participants:

  • Become aware of the paradox of choice and the power of 3 principles
  • Start to Stop – discover the power of focus and learn how stopping activities can lead to more time, money and energy
  • Simplify – learn simple methods to ban complexity
  • Letting go – dare to trust again and create space and time in your professional life
  • Get a lot of inspiring examples how ‘less’ can succeed in business
  • Access to my handout slides and extra inspiration

LiB-CoverPreview350-noghogerThere are already several great examples of individual initiatives of people who live with less stuff or who choose to live a simpler life. But, there aren’t a lot of examples of how professionals in organisations and governments can apply ‘Less is Beautiful’ to their daily practice.

Get inspired by loads of examples from very different industries and learn how you can apply three simple principles to experience ‘less is more’: start to stop, simplify and letting go.

This presentation gives you insights into the exaggerated search for efficiency, the paradox of choice, and very concrete examples and tools to apply ‘Less is Beautiful’ to your professional lives.

“Less is More. This is so true except for Cyriel. Please give us More Cyriel, so we can worry Less. Cyriel shows you the truth, that is hidden in you. He inspires you to reveal it and decide to live up to your own truth.”
Niek Bakker , Director - owner at MDFnl
“I enjoyed very much the Less is More talk by Cyriel Kortleven at PGM Open. In one word (less is more): perfect. Funny, but also full of worthy observations on our behaviour. Highly recommended for those who never stop learning about themselves, human nature and organisational culture in general. Make sure your boss attends the talk too!”
Willem Koerselman , Advisor
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