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Life is short. Choose life.

The paradoxes for a successful life.

A lot of people are afraid of dying but there’s one thing that’s a lot worse than death: not daring to live your life to the full potential. Fear is a lot of times the big reason why you don’t choose to live fully (fear for the unknown, fear for criticism, fear for failing, fear for being vulnerable, …).

During this interactive presentation, Cyriel takes you on a path that leads to the ‘Yes And Act’ moment where you have the choice to unleash your full potential. The expedition will pass via different paradoxes like ‘Happiness is a choice’; ‘More success? Fail more!’; ‘Creating simplicity is very complex’; ‘Kill the ideakillers’; ‘Gigadreams and Nano-actions’; … The Yes And Act mindset makes you conscious of your own choice in this expedition – called life.

Take away for participants:

  • Give yourself a wake up call and discover that you can change your life right now
  • Recognize the paradoxes of life
  • Practical tips and tools to boost your own potential
  • Inspiring examples to take your life again in your own hands
  • Access to my handout slides and extra inspiration

During this unique happening, you will have the chance to influence the flow and content of the story. Choosing life also means choosing the different tracks that you want to explore. Get inspired by stories, examples, movies in combination with very practical tips to apply those insights immediately. Prepare for a very inspiring presentation with a lot of humor and energy to be able to unleash the full potential of your own life.

“It was a great presentation. The topic ‘Choose Life’ reflects the different themes that were shared during the event. Very interactive and fun format and I loved the interaction. I can certainly recommend Cyriel.”
Michel Maarleveld, Trainer & lecturer International Business and Management studies - Amsterdam University
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