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“He holds the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish.“
Simon Harvey, organiser Fit for the Future event, Auckland
“Cyriel’s talks are simple, well-thought and yet ‘unpredictably’ interesting.”
Alfred Chin, Sales Director Southeast Asia, 
AIP Corporation, Singapore
“It was truly the highlight session of the 4 day event.“
Natasa Denman, participant Professional Speakers Australia event, Canberra
Cyriel heeft meer dan 15 jaar ervaring in het vakgebied van creativiteit en innovatie.
Cyriel verzorgt presentaties over heel de wereld en is gemiddeld 100 dagen per jaar ‘on the road (or plane)’.
Hij heeft al in meer dan 23 landen presentaties gegeven in Europa, Noord-Amerika, Afrika, Azië en Australië.

Cyriel is de eerste Belgische CSP – Certified Speaking Professional.

Er zijn slechts 700 mensen in de wereld die dit certificaat hebben ontvangen. De CSP is toegekend door de Professional Speakers Australia aan sprekers die voldoen aan strikte kwaliteitseisen.

“Feedback from the entire audience was extremely positive ranging from ‘fun’, ‘inspirational’, ‘just the boost I needed at the end of an interesting day’.”
Maarten Laukens, organiser CTG Experience Day
, Brussels
“Cyriel is in a league of his own! His energy, enthusiasm and passion towards delivering a interactive, educational and fun keynote presentation is undeniable, leaving a lasting and memorable impact on attendees.”
Daniel Merza, Sydney
“He spoke to our staff as if he were one of them, familiar with their workplaces. Cyriel strikes a very nice balance of authority and humility.”
Marcus Gibson, Quality manager at Fulton Hogan, Melbourne
“Worked with Cyriel on multiple challenges and he always seems to be able to apply enormous amounts of creativity to his workshops/sessions. Whether it’s about behaviour, strategy, team-spirit or out-of-the-box-thinking, it’s always worthwile exchanging thoughts with Cyriel!”
Peter Lathouwers, Manager European Business Intelligence Team - Nike, Antwerp
“I had the pleasure of working with Cyriel for the first time in Budapest for our yearly MPI conference, European Meetings and Events Conference. He is a joy to work with, always has brave and creative ideas but he is also a great listener and meets the expectations. He is modest at the same time as he connects well and interacts with the audience and makes them feel comfortable.”
Maria Thylén, Speaker Manager - Meeting professionals International, Budapest
“Had the fantastic pleasure of experiencing Cyriel as a Key Note speaker at the SITE EMEA Forum in Antwerp just a few days ago. WOW, he is highly recommended by me for any form for meeting – simply fantastic speaker!”
Bent Hadler , Director International Development ADME, Antwerp
“As an international speaker, Cyriel is very skilled at engaging, challenging and inspiring his audiences in developing an open-mindset and looking at things differently. His sessions are both insightful and fun.”
Stan Steverink , Director Leadership Development at Hay Group, Luxemburg
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