Six word stories

According to literary legend, Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a short story in only six words. Taking a cue from the infamous novelist, SMITH Magazine (smith- decided in 2006 to give the format a personal twist.Screen-Shot-2013-10-21-at-12.57.56-150x150

Hemingway’s six-word story read: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”

SMITH editors asked their readers to relate their true life story in six words, calling the new take on the format Six-Word Memoirs®. They received thousands of responses, which now can be found in a bestselling book series and on Here are a few great examples of six word stories that summarize one’s entire life.

+ Fifteen years since last professional haircut

[Dave Eggers]
+ Ran east, ran west, ran late [Susie Smith]
+ 3000 miles away from the truth [Michael Slenske]
+ Started small, grew, peaked, shrunk, vanished [George Saunders]
+ It’s like forever, only much shorter [Pete DeVito]
+ Eight thousand orgasms. Only one baby. [Neal Pollack]
+ I was a Michael Jackson impersonator [Keith Knight]

I also asked the people who crowdfunded me to write a six word stories (some are in dutch):

Take care, be happy and enjoy. [Johan D’Haeseleer] Knopen doorhakken. Kleur kiezen. Wereld zien. [Martine Vanremoortele] Beautiful house for sale. Ex-wife included. [Patryk Wezowski] Van punt naar lijn tot betekenis. [Martine Vanremoortele] Less bad habits is life changing! [Karen van Heuckelom] My life is my learning process. [Gijs van Bilsen] Car accident ahead. Keep eyes shut. [Patryk Wezowski] Not by default, but by design. [Johan D’Haeseleer] Ten kittens lost. Please don’t return. [Patryk Wezowski] De zin ontdekken in de waan [Léon Dingemans] Een mens: roofdier of prooidier? [Martijn van Kooij] Women beautiful. Man intelligent. Babies spoiled. [Patryk Wezowski] Women intelligent. Man beautiful. No babies. [Patryk Wezowski] Wat is dit een goed boek. [Léon Dingemans]

What’s your six word story?

More info about the book (

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