21 ways to survive the FIFA World Cup

I have created this slideshare to show 21 ways how you can survive the FIFA World Cup if you don’t like the sport.  I tried to find some funny ways to escape the game or be mentally busy with something else. The main reason is to show the power of creativity – even if the box is quite tight (in this case – I made the assumption that you are already in a public place and the game has just started). Enjoy.

21 ways to survive the FIFA World Cup by Cyriel Kortleven

#Tip 1 – Use a megaphone  -works especially well if you use it very close to the ears of others. By the way, a vuvuzela is also fine-

#Tip 2 – Support the wrong team

#Tip 3 – Ask the question: What does ‘offside’ mean?

#Tip 4 – Announce the # minutes of playtime … 
every minute!
- and every minute, you add some drama –

#Tip 5 – Go for a really in-depth conversation when the commentator tells a trivial element about a soccer player – wikipedia is a good source –

#Tip 6 – Sit or stand too close to the screen 
-say that you forgot your glasses & make sure that others have difficulties in watching the game-

#Tip 7 – Repeat everything what the commentator says

#Tip 8 – Everytime when people shout ‘ooooh’ at an exciting moment. Also shout ‘ooooh’ and start complaining about all bad things in the world like the war, poverty, environment, politics, …

#Tip 9 – Be apathetic 
- and ask every 10 minutes if you may switch to another TV-station –

#Tip 10 – Drink the beers of others

#Tip 11 – Become a word-artist 
- create new words based on the letters of the players. Guess who Loneli Smeis or Tornado Refers is –

#Tip 12 – Get in a meditation mode for 100 minutes.

#Tip 13 – It’s the moment to update your to do list for the next week

#Tip 14 – Practice your mathematics 
- count the different fees of the players 
and  calculate the value of the team –

#Tip 15 – Start ‘day’dreaming

#Tip 16 –  Start a gambling competition and predict where the next player will do a fake fall. 
- following the rules of the ‘shit yourself rich’-cow-game –

#Tip 17 – Act as if you’re making pictures and just play ‘Angry Birds’ on your smartphone

#Tip 18 – Bring some paper and create an origami football.

#Tip 19 – Gossip about the latest ‘news’ about the football players.

#Tip 20 – Exercise your skills as a beer-expert 
- try a different beer every 5 minutes and you’ll enjoy the game a lot more at the end –

#Tip 21 – Just enjoy the game!

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