Asia Professional Speakers Singapore – visual summaries

I’ve just been part of a great APSS – Asia Professional Speakers Singapore – convention. Two days of inspiration, networking and sharing learnings. It was really well organized by the convention chair Tom Abbott (@SocoSelling) & also compliments to APSS president Andrew Bryant (@SelfLeadership). Check out the website of Andrew.

I had the honor of delivering the closing keynote ‘The creative mindset of a professional speaker’ and it went really well. I’ve made a few visual summaries via my iPad & Pencil using the app Paper53. But their was also a real visual artist – Tim Hamons – he’s doing incredible work – check out his facebookpage – Art Of Awakening.

Fredrik Haren (@FredrikHaren) – Don’t build a Business, Build an Enterprise.

APSS Fredrik Haren
Paneldiscussion with Wendy Hogan (@Wendy_Hogan), Andrea Edwards (@AndreaTEdwards), Cynthia Zhai (@YourVoiceCoach) & Tom Abbott (@Socoselling).

APSS paneldiscussion
Scott Friedman (@ScottCelebrates) – Developing a global speaking model that fits your lifestyle.

APSS Scott Friedman
Akash Karia (@Speaking_Coach) – How to sell 100+ kindle ebooks per Day.

APSS Akash Karia
Shawna Suckow (@ShawnaSuckow) – How to sell more to Global Meeting Planners.

APSS Shawna Suckow

Eric Feng (@Eric_Feng) – Scaling up for the region: the good, the bad and the ugly.

APSS Eric Feng
Heather Hansen (@HeatherHansen) – Increase your income via online programs.

APSS Heather Hansen

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