Aussie-Kiwi-Tassie-trip: a summary in pics

From mid October – mid January, I have been on a mini-pension together with my girlfriend.  Why wait until we are +65 to enjoy traveling and other things. It was not only holiday because in the first month, I had the chance to deliver several presentations at the other side of the world. A creative summary in pictures:

Tauranga (New Zealand) – presentation at the TONIC conference – 100 participants from non-profit organizations who gathered to get inspired. One great fundraising idea was the ‘Oh Ducky!’ – project. You put hundreds of plastic ducks in somebody’s garden and you put this sign next to it. You can get the ducks off your lawn by making a little donation (but you can also get the ducks onto a friends lawn ;-)). More ideas on the site of Exult.


Wellington (New Zealand) – as Lord of the Ring fans, we had to go to Wellington to be part of the premiere of the new Hobbit movie. It’s great to see that the kiwi’s make sure that they are proud of the movie because from the moment you fly to New Zealand, you get in the right atmosphere. Here’s the Safety video from Air New Zealand and a picture of the airport in Wellington. And yes, the movie is great!


Bells Beach (Australia) – we have stayed two weeks in St Kilda (really close to Melbourne). I had the chance to present at CI2013 – one of the larger creativity and innovation events in the southern hemisphere. Next to the presentations and workshops that I could do in melbourne, we went on a sunny day on a roadtrip to the Great Ocean Road and passed Bells Beach – home of the world’s longest-running surfing competition.
Sydney (Australia)
– I liked the simplicity of this sign at a construction site next to the Opera House. It’s nothing special but very clear house rules with humor (see rule 2). I think that these kind of ‘rules’ stick longer to the employees than the long, boring safety instructions.
Hobart (Tasmania) – It was absolutely a pleasure to visit this part of Australia. Beautiful nature, very friendly people, … I could give a short breakfast workshop for Design Tasmania and all of them recommended their museum ‘Mona‘ – indeed a very special modern museum.


Bondi Beach (Australia) – During our trip we’ve used AirBnB a few times to escape from the boring hotel rooms and stay in somebody’s apartment. At one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we took a few surf-lessons (mmm, it’s not that easy but I could stay on my board for 6,5 seconds ;-)) and relax. And this sign in a local bookstore/coffeeshop really supported the relaxed atmosphere.


Sydney (Australia) – one of the highlights of our trip was celebrating New Years Eve at the Dudley’s Page Reserve – one of the many viewpoints where you still could see the Harbour Bridge and the spectacular fireworks. IMG_2956

Bali (Indonesia) – And finally we still had 5 days left that we’ve spend in Bali to relax before our long trip back to Belgium. And it’s indeed a great place to relax.


We’re absolutely grateful that we got the chance to go on this mini-pension (and worked very hard during the year to realize it). It was absolutely worth the investment. And we can definitely recommend to take a mini-pension.


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