How to become a thought leader (as a professional speaker)?

lampLast week I had the chance to facilitate a brainstorming session for PSA Holland (professional speakers association). The topic of the evening was ‘How to become a thought leader (as a professional speaker)?’.  We generated more than 150 ideas and I have selected 25 of them which might inspire you. You will find some easy to implement ideas but also some crazy ones. Enjoy them:

1. Offer your (potential) clients something very big: 73.154 tips to be the best …
2. Make a presentation with a lot of humor where you do exactly the opposite of your main message
3, Make sure that your message is absolutely simple to make sure that others can repeat the message
4. Follow a workshop with Dan & Chip Heath (authors of the book Made to Stick) to make sure that your message sticks
5. Show the world that you live your mission (everyday and everywhere)
6. Create a free booklet (or gadget) with your message and spread it everywhere
7. Invite the top-experts in your industry and organize an intervision group
8. Ask a great musician to create a song using your message as the lyrics
9. Burn all the books of your competitors
10. Follow the 25 top-experts in your domain and connect with them
11. Create your own youtube channel with a weekly tipguru
12. Bribe some hackers to attack the website of competitors
13. Start a worldtour and invite a film-crew to make a shortmovie about your adventures
14. Do some reverse shoplifting wirth your book (put them in the top ten list of a famous bookstore)
15. Make sure that you can give a TEDx presentation
16. Always wear a yellow shirt (or othem item) to build up your own brand
17. Use every opportunity to give a speech (at the bakery, pub, library, …)
18. Create a website where you collect all the famous persons in your industry and hope that google will send every search to your platform-site
19. Write blogs, articles, books, … and spread those words in different places
20. Print your main message on a popular shopping bag
21. Hire a group of students who follow you every day and who shout ‘oooh … It’s him/her’ and ask signatures
22. Organize the award ‘the best thoughtleader ever’ and be the first winner
23. Go to conferences where you weren’t invited but try to get on stage anyway
24. Cross the borders of your industry and tell your message in different industries
25. Just be yourself