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Books by Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel has written 5 books in the previous years. You can find a summary, free downloads, ordering information and extra information if you click on the book cover.

The Change Mindset

+ Trend watchers and futurists will flabbergast you with hip and hot examples of new technologies and trends in the world (but they easily skip the part on how to handle them).
+ Motivational speakers will boost the energy of your audience to be open for change (but they often forget to bring all that energy to practical application).
+ Change managers will focus on structures and processes to facilitate change in an organisation (but they might lose track of the professional in the organisation)
If you are in search of clues on HOW you yourself can keep up with the ever-changing world, then this bookazine is a must-read for you.
This book is about The Change Mindset.
HOW do you cope with the changes you see in the world around you?
Which PRACTICAL tools will help you stay flexible and open to possibilities?
How can YOU boost your creative and entrepreneurial mindset? And stimulate the mindset of the PEOPLE you work with?
Sure, change can be frightening. But change doesn’t have to be hard. It all starts with the right mindset. Set your mind to change.
Less is Beautiful

Less is Beautiful

Get inspired by loads of examples from very different industries and learn how you can apply three simple principles to experience ‘less is more’: start to stop, simplify and letting go. Read more. (English)

Meer met Minder

Meer met Minder

(The Flemish/Dutch version of ‘Less is Beautiful’)



An inspiration source full of images, quotes, nice-to-know, poems and exercises to look from a different perspective to the concept Time. Read more. (English)

Yes and ... Your Business

Yes and … Your Business

Improvisation skills help you to make your organisation more innovative & flexible. Projects can go faster. People learn more and faster. More than 70 practical exercises to create more interaction in your own organisation. Read more. (English)