• Extra inspiration resources (for CIA guests)

    Here you can find all the resources that Cyriel shared during his session.

    Link ideakillers

    HERE you can download the poster with ideakillers / ideaboosters (in different languages). No need to register or leave your email. Just download.

    Link cool stuff

    HERE you get access to my page with cartoons, pictures, quotes, that you can use in your own organisation if you want to stimulate the Change Mindset.

    Link no more boring webinars

    I still deliver a live, online, tailormade train-the -online-host (2 hours) session. If you're interested, just send me a mail and I will make a proposal for you. You can also follow the 58 minutes pre-recorded version on Udemy. I managed to open the free session for 25 days but there's a limit of max 10 free vouchers apparently. If you didn't get access, next month I can deliver again 10 free links. Here's the link for the free session.

    Link 33 minutes of inspiration

    All info on the 33 Minutes of Inspiration can be found HERE (or click the picture).

    Link connect and network

    All info on the Connect & Network sessions can be found HERE (or click the picture).

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