Doing the deep work

deep work langkawiI’m at Langkawi island (Malaysia) at this moment and it’s absolutely beautiful. These are the last days before I head back to Belgium after a long ‘speaking’ tour (5 weeks) visiting Singapore, Melbourne and New Zealand. I have been very busy and had the chance to present at some smaller & larger events; meet a lot of interesting people & catch up with some friends. A secondary reason for this big trip was coming up with a new concept for my next book. But I’ve noticed that it remains very difficult to do the ‘deep’ work – this is the hard thinking process to create the concept; develop a first draft for the table of content & plan the first steps to do the necessary research before the real writing starts.

Doing the deep work doesn’t look productive

But sometimes it doesn’t feels like it’s doing the hard, deeIMG_8980p work. It takes a lot of ’empty’ space to allow your brain to come to rest and focus on the possible directions of the new book. It almost seems that you’re not doing a lot except for writing down ideas that pop up during a longer walk; re-shuffle your page with possible topics 20 times; letting your mind wander ‘quite randomly’; … And if you do this in a very beautiful, tourist environment than it certainly seems that you’re just enjoying the holiday. And there’s also nothing wrong with that but I felt a bit guilty when I arrived to this paradise here in Langkawi (for certain colleagues & friends who are doing their ‘normal’ jobs & certainly would consider this as a holiday).

But the remarkable thing is that I’ve probably done a lot more in the last 24 hours than in the previous 2 months. A first draft of the concept is ready and the table of content is slowly taking shape so I’m quite sure that these ‘thinking’ days will be very productive. it’s also an invitation to allow yourself some ‘free thinking’ space. We live in a world where there’s a lot of pressure to be super productive all the time but just at the busiest moments, some silence can do wonders & give the new inspiration that you need.

First draft book-concept

“This book is for people who want to boost their creative & entrepreneurial mindset and be able to change their own reality. The yes and act manifesto is an invitation to be come a potentialist (a person who lives life to its full potential).”


Feel free to give some feedback if this would be book that would resonate with you.

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