How to escape ideakillers?

During the fourteen years that I’m working in the domain of creativity and innovation, I have discovered that 90% of all good ideas are killed by ideakillers.  Ideakillers are all kind of expressions to make sure that an idea is immediately killed. We don’t have money

[and maybe we can find ideas that don’t costs a lot of money]. We have already tried it [Yes and, we tried it 5 years ago but the world has changed]. We don’t have time [and this idea will save 30 minutes a day once we’re used to it].

I love these movies with the first ideakillers:

+ Thew invention of fire:

+ The invention of the wheel:

To help you, you can download this poster with ideakillers. Make sure it’s visible in your next meeting where you need some creative ideas and follow the three minute rule. Good luck.