Follow a social media diet

  • Social media dietYou check your mail on your smartphone when you’re leaving the office.
  • You think the new table-setting etiquette stipulates a fork and napkin to the left oft he plate, whereas knife, spoon and smartphone go on the right.
  • You are using #hashtags in your #mail.
  • You find it weird when people haven’t heard of instagram, pinterest, foursquare or whatsapp.
  • You check your news feed on Facebook, Twitter and other social media more than 5 times a day.
  • You feel stressed, if your ex-schoolmate Suzy doesn’t respond within one hour to your friend request.
  • You feel a slight feeling of panic when your battery of your smartphone shows less than 10%.Have you ticked all the boxes? Then you may belong to the ‘social media addict’ category. And it might be good to follow a strict social media diet for a few weeks. Don’t go cold turkey to avoid a big shock, but slowly diminish the number of times you check your mail or social media. The world keeps turning if you don’t update your profile on Facebook or Twitter for a day. And maybe you can even start enjoying the moment.And here’s an extra cool website about unplugging from the internet. They have even written a book with a Facebook Diet.Check out for more stories how ‘less’ can succeed in business.