Get Inspired – Interview #CWF14 ‘Creativity World Forum’

Together with my colleague Ramon Vullings, I had the chance to interview some great speakers at the Creativity World Forum (thanks Flanders DC to make this possible). We will give you the full interview that we did with Guy Kawasaki, Tom Kelley, Frans Johansson, Robin Chase and Marco Tempest. And of course we did something special. Instead of asking the ‘regular’ questions to give a summary of their talk or share some things about their latest book, we prepared 21 beercoasters with a question. The speaker could pick a number and decide which question (s)he got.

You can click on the picture or link to get access to the interview:

Guy Kawasaki

Interview Guy Kawasaki

Tom Kelley

Interview Tom Kelley

Robin Chase

Interview Robin Chase

Marco Tempest

Interview Marco Tempest

Frans Johansson

Interview Frans Johansson