#Icelive14 – Brian Tracy – advanced selling strategies

Icelive14 Brian TracyBrain Tracy is one of America’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. His key messages that I took away from his session Advanced Selling Strategies:

Problem of a lot of companies is that people think that sales is ‘dirty’. We don’t need more forms to fill out. Salespeople have to be busy with the client for at least 75% of their time.

‘Sales is the ultimate default job. If you can’t find anything else, people go into sales ;-)’ But the sales are the backbone of the company. How can we generate high sales?

+ Don’t do a talk-talk to sell something because then you get the sales-ideakillers like ‘I can’t afford it. Maybe later. Think it over. Call me back. …’ and many more of those sentences.
+ Learn from other people how they have done it  -dont’ critize the success of other people. What have they done (the cause-result effect) to get there? Not a lot of people dare to ask those successful people what they have done.
+ Selling is a logical structured process because nature = neutral (nature doesn’t care) so you have to follow a ‘recipe’ (find the right ingredients & practice a lot)
+ 80/20 pareto principle also works in sales. Decide that you want to be in the top 20%. You need to have the ambition and a clear goal!

The key of success is very simple: 1. BEGIN 2. KEEP GOING 😉

The recipe for successful sales:

1. Prospecting – find new people to meet/talk to (spend more time with better prospects)
Good prospect has 4 things: Need + Problem + Goal + Pain
You want to double your sales? Double the amount of people you talk to.

2. Building trust and rapport – show your credibility to the client
Building trust: listen intensely to client; pause (silent is okay); ask good questions (prepared in advance). Eg how did you got into this job? And then what did you do? And then what did you do? … It’s about relationship selling – Building relation is more important than the product. Do your homework in advance via the internet or other sources.

Relationships: 40% is credibility, 30% is your ability of assess needs, 20% is presenting skills and 10% doing sales.

3. Identify needs accurately – focus and learn everything about the prospect before even mentioning your product/service. Look at the client as the expert in their domain. Do what the doctors do: a. examination, b. diagnosis c. prescription or treatment d. fee
Give your price at the end! Dont kill the sale by presenting product too early or talk about fee.

4. Presenting of your product/service – spend a lot of time on creating the best presentation ever.

5. Answer objections – the client want to reduce risks. There are 6 big objections that always comes back. Make sure that you have an answer to those objections.

6. Asking for the sale – make sure that you close the sale. The invitational close ‘Do you like this product? If yes … Why don’t you give it a try?’
Let me think about it = Goodbye forever

7. Getting resales and referrals – make sure that the customer is satisfied because they are the best salespersons for you.


More info about Tracy on his website  where you can download his free book ‘Goals’

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