#Icelive14 Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden and business rockstar

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Icelive14 Bruce DickinsonA lot of people at #Icelive14 are big fans from Bruce Dickinson – lead singer from Iron Maiden and business rockstar.  A bizar combination 😉 Short bio at the end of this blog.

My summary of the story at #Icelive14 of this very interesting man:

Woeps, something went wrong with the internet connection and I couldn’t access my own blog so for this story, I’ll send you further to the graphic summary from Linda @saurau – visual summary.

Short bio:
Icelive Bruce Dickinson differentAs lead singer of the Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden with over 85 million records sold, Bruce Dickinson has been rocking the stages of the world since the 1970’s. He left Iron Maiden in 1993 in order to pursue a solo career, his passion for fencing and an interest in becoming a pilot. Dickinson re-joined the band in 1999 and has gone on to release four albums; despite this he hasn’t stopped flying Boeing 757s.

Bruce Dickinson was a pilot and Marketing Director for Astraeus Airlines. In his latest project he has secured funding from the British government to create an aircraft maintenance company creating around 1500 jobs in Wales. He is heavily involved in an air ship venture to manufacture lighter than air drones with a contract to supply the US Army. He is also setting up a separate Training Company to train future Pilots.

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