Trip India – my first experiences in India

From January 4th – 26th, I had an opportunity to travel to India. This is my first visit to India.  What a country – it’s absolutely right when people say that India is a land full of contrasts. You can come across a slum next to a five star hotel. In that hotel you have to pay 600 roepies for a Kingfisher (beer) while some people outside have to work several days to earn that same amount of money. And the cities are huge, in Begium we live with ten million people in the whole country but cities like Delhi and Mumbai are a lot bigger.

I’ve mainly travelled in the bigger cities Delhi, Gwalior and Mumbai and it took me 4 days before I got used to the big crowd, the crazy traffic and the rhythms of the cities that never sleep. I had the opportunity to do some workshops and presentations for three business schools and was one of the  speakers at the Click Asia Summit – a conference (40 participants) on digital marketing.

It was for me a great opportunity to see how the people from India would react to my interactive style of presenting on the topic creative skills and thinking outside the box. They really liked it and I’m sure that the topic will become even more important in the next years because India is booming. Again, it’s a paradox. You notice that a lot of people are ready to move on and become a worldpower in the economic world (there’s a lot of creativity and entrepreneurship) and at the other side, some basic needs (like electricity, water, …) need to be provided because even in the very expensive hotels, you can have some electricity problems or the internet is suddenly gone … But I think that’s also the charming side of India. Those kind of things are still possible here and nobody complains. It’s a nice moment of rest 😉

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