Trip India – some examples of creativity in the streets of India

There’s already a lot of creativity in India.  For a lot of people, it’s a life or death choice so you have to be creative when you don’t have a lot of opportunities in life. You see bikes and rickshaws that are carrying sometimes very weird objects – you name it and probably it has already travelled in a rickshaw (ladders, pipelines, motorbikes and loads of garbage, …). I’m also quite sure that India has the world record in carrying the biggest amount of people in rickshaws 😉 Sometimes 6 or 7 people are cramped in one rickshaw … or on bikes (4 or 5 people on one motorbike) is not an exception.

But also the street vendors and shoe-cleaners are very creative. I would like to share one of the experiences that I’ve encountered in Delhi. I was walking around at Connaught place (a very touristical place)  with a lot of people who want to sell something to you. At one moment, a shoe-cleaner grapped my arm and said ‘ You need to clean shoes … you need to clean shoes …’ But checked my shoes 30 seconds before and at that moment they were still okay but I looked down and on the top of my right shoe was … a big dog shit. Just on the top of my shoe, nothing at the sides of my shoe so I looked into the air if I could spot one of the flying dogs 😉

Of course, it was a trick so that the guy could clean my shoes (I have to say that he (or one of his companions) was a professional because I hadn’t noticed anything until he grapped me). I didn’t give him the opportunity to clean my shoes because at that moment wasn’t it that funny but 100 meters further when I had removed the shit, I could laugh with the experience and even admired his creativity and entrepreneurial behaviour. It would have been nicer if he had found a more positive manner or job to get some money but hey … who am I to judge that person.


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