Trip India – A local celebrity

I had the opportunity to give a workshop at the Prestige Institute of Management in Gwalior for 70 or 80 students and staff.  I did some exercises with them to explain the Curse of Knowledge and give some reasons why we human being have a tendency to think in patterns. And we did a mega-brainstormsession on the topic how the Institute could become the best, coolest, most interesting school in India. It was very nice to facilitate the workshop and the students were very eager to learn and explore the creativity topic.

I didn’t expect (it never happens in Belgium or the Netherlands ;-)) that after the workshop, the students really wanted to have a snap (picture) with me and even asked autographs. That was quite funny to experience. I also got the opportunity to be the guest at a press conference from the Institute and now my picture is in several newspapers of Gwalior. I also have to say that it was quite exhausting after the workshop to get all this attention and I can imagine how a B(H)ollywood star is feeling. But it was absolute a great experience.

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