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Keynotes – extra added value

Master of Interaction

Master of Interaction

Cyriel has a lot of experience in combining a keynote with the role as MC (master of ceremony). Some MC’s limit their role in announcing speakers, being the time-keeper and telling a short joke between presentations but Cyriel loves to interact with large audiences. It’s important that you involve him quite early in the process because then you can use his broad knowledge of large scale interventions to organise a ‘real’ interactive conference or meeting.

“I had the joy of experiencing Cyriel’s facilitation capability first hand at an international event in Australia. He was the creative, entertaining and catalyctic glue that held the conference together in between sessions. What an amazing talent! He had 80 Organisational Development practitioners from all over the world in the palm of his hand. Laughing, Participating, Learning and Growing – an amazing talent.”
Amanda Schafer, Director Career Management Group

Dedicated brainstorming session

You can also invite Cyriel to facilitate a short, high-level brainstorming session with a small group of participants. This could be integrated in the program or it could be a very nice gift to the sponsors of the event to generate ideas about one of their challenges.

“I spent a great few days with Cyriel having my brain turned inside out. Cyriel organised a very productive, flexible and inspiring creative session. Great techniques. High pace. Result: an incredible amount of ideas.”
Gerrie Smits, Social media strategist - City Antwerp
Dedicated brainstorm
Large group intervention

Large Group Interventions

It’s also possible to do a Mega-Brainstorming session, open space or Worldcafé with 100 – 2000 participants. Depending on the goals, the number of participants, amount of time and available ‘space’, we can develop a tailor-made large group intervention for your event.

“I really enjoy working with Cyriel. We have been doing business with each other for a couple of years now. He’s a great business partner when it comes to developing creative ideas for our event programs. He inspires people to make events more interesting and creative. Cyriel really knows how to make people enthusiastic.”
Mariëlle van der Zouwen, Managing Director Eventive


My colleagues Ramon Vullings & Marc Heleven are the ideaDJ’s. The ideaDJ mixes custom real-time inspiration for events. The ideaDJ will support the day visually, with surprising movies, spot on images and also subtile sounds! By using a large screen, the audience will experience realtime & spot-on images and movies which support the content and flow of the event.

Idea DJ
Visual harvesting

Visual Harvesting

My colleagae Martine Vanremoortele is a specialist in visual harvesting. Visual Harvesting brings conversations to life and adds a visually inspiring component to presentations and discussions.

Themes and insights are translated into visual stories. It captures the essence. Participants become ambassadors; they take the message and become advocates of it.

21 Ways Cross Industry Innovation

My colleague Marc Heleven is specialized in doing creative websearches. ‘21 ways’ is a set of inspiration material for analyzing & finding possible opportunities for innovation. Marc could do a websearch what the newest innovations are in a certain domain of market research.

He will come up with 21 principles how you could approach that domain from a different perspective and what the newest innovations are in that industry.

21 ways