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Ladders & Bananas

Survival kit for professionals in change

Putting a ladder on top of a banana-peel to avoid somebody falling over it, is probably not the most efficient solution. But it’s weird that you can find several ladders (inefficient rules, habits, assumptions, …) in almost every organisation. Eg a document needs to be approved by 3 different departments or filling out a document with information that’s already available. Those ladders had an added value in the past but are not relevant anymore in this changing world. But because we’re afraid of change, it’s quite hard to get rid of those ladders.

Take away:

  • Get in the right mindset for change.
  • Dare to got for your GiGa dream and learn to suspend your judgement.
  • Learn a simple method to triple the number of ideas that you’re having.
  • Discover the power of a NaNo action and dare to fail more to get more success.
  • Access to my handout slides, 7 inspiration-movies, tool card with ideakillers & boosters and the Yes And Act manifesto.

And that’s where the Yes And Act gets into the picture. Break your fixed thinking patterns and dare to go for your GiGa dream (Yes). Learn methods to explore the world from different perspectives (And). Get into action and make sure you can fail fast, often and forward by applying NaNo actions (Act). Get inspired by several tailor-made examples and stories and experience the power of thinking in a ‘Yes And Act’-mindset.

YES   Suspend your judgement. Believe.
AND   Explore alternative views. Imagine.
ACT   Get into action. Experiment.
“With an inspiring dynamic kick off, the whole audience was ‘Yes And Act’ minded for the rest of the day.”
Joke Dielissen-Rosier, Organizer HRM in government conference
“Cyriel is a professional speaker who lives his topics rather than just talking about them.”
“Cyriel inspired and touched us with excellent insights, personal experience and to the point examples. Easy to get and immediately useful to integrate in daily life. YES AND ACT supports to realise what you really wish for yourself. Thanks!”
Charles Ruiters, Trainer at Soulce
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