What does your Ta-Da-list look like?

Most people know the to-do list but it’s also very interesting to make your own Ta-Da-list to see what you’ve achieved in the previous months.  I would like to present you my Ta-Da list for 2014 – some of the highlights of my professional life in 2014:

+ The publication of ‘Meer Met Minder via publisher Lannoo Campus (is translated version of ‘Less is Beautiful‘ + 8 new stories)

+ A glimpse of my soul in this video ‘Ready to change your own world’ (filmed by Nic Askew – edited by myself)

+ The Yes And Act manifesto

+ Several successful slideshares: 69 amazing creativity quotes – 22.800 views, 7 reasons why I don’t speak for free – 2700 views and 21 ways to survive the 2014 FIFA world cup – 5400 views.

+ I’ve followed some very good trainings, events and coachings: Get a life XXL from @JohanDHaeseleer, speaker coaching via Judith de Bruijn, voice-training with Marleen Devisch and the course with Nic Askew. And some great conference like the Creativity World Forum (organized by @FlandersDC), Di-Day (disruption day organized by @hinssen and @stevenVBe) and the World Domination Summit in Portland (initiated by @Chrisguillebeau).

+ And I could collaborate (deliver a keynote) with these great clients: Brightfish, Veris Bouwmaterialen, European Florist and Lifestyle Supplier Association, KBC networking events, GDF Suez, Spadel, Sanofi, Rousselot, CTG, Haystack, Instituut voor Sport- en Recreatie-beleid, ORC International, Asia Professional Speakers Society, Celgene, Kortom overheidscommunicatie, KNHS, Hay group, … and a lot more.

+ And I’m grateful that I could travel this year to Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Finland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portland and Seattle (US), Vancouver (Canada) and Singapore.

+ My social media platforms also grew quite well – 2.222 followers at Twitter, 340 likes on Facebook (340 likes in one year), Linkedin (grew 30% this year), slideshare (43430 views in one year) and website (> 30.000 unique visitors).

And what does your Ta-Da list look like?