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    'Making Change Happen'


    Increase the succes rate of your change projects: make it Specific, Small & Smooth


  • Prepare to transform your approach to change projects in this captivating presentation 'Making Change Happen'. In a world where human behaviour often defies logic, understanding the intricate workings of our minds is key to driving successful change initiatives. Discover how our unconscious biases influence our decisions, and learn how to steer our unconscious brains in the right direction.


    The answer to the returning question of why most change projects fail lies in their grandiosity , complexity and vagueness. Successful change will make use of the game-changing principles of Specific, Small and Smooth.


    Specific: Clarify your goals and translate them into tangible behaviours. Create a vivid picture of the desired change, whether at the organizational, departmental, or personal level, and harness the power of your physical and social environment for support.


    Small: Take tiny, consistent steps that lead to monumental change, and remember that action today is a vote for a brighter future. Don't wait for the perfect moment; get started and adapt as you go. And prepare in advance for 'the Bad Days'.


    Smooth: Reduce friction in your change efforts by not only emphasising the benefits of the new but also by strategically adding barriers to the old & creating awareness about the diminishing value of the status quo. Appeal to emotions, alongside logic, to influence behaviour positively.


    Join us for an inspiring journey into the art of making change simple. Become a change champion armed with practical strategies to make change a reality.

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