Mini-docu (video) Cyriel’s mission – 90 hours of work for 7 minute video

Yes, my new movie is ready. I’ve invested quite some time & money to create this new movie but I’m very happy with the result. It’s a mini-documentary [7:18] where I explain my mission and give an overview of my recent keynotes + you will get some highlights from my presentation on stage of the European Communication Summit. I delivered that presentation at the end of June 2017 in front of 700 Communication Directors from all over Europe.

I’ve collaborated with Kathleen & Tim – from the creative agency MIST. They have done all the film-work and editing and I can absolutely recommend them. It might sound quite easy to create a 7 minute video but I’m quite sure that the minutes spend on making that video took us 750 times x 7 minutes. That’s around 90 hours of work for a 7 minute movie. Crazy? … Yes a bit but certainly professional. Estimation of time spend:
+ Writing, re-writing, finetuning, try out, sharpening timing, re-writing, … version 21 … = 20 hours
+ Filming on the conference – 8 hours x 2 camera-people + I also played a role of course =  24 hours
+ Extra filming in my house, central statin, public park – 6 x 3 people = 18 hours
+ Editing 4 x 6 hours + my feedback on the draft movies 3 x 1 hour = 27 hours
Total of 89 hours for a 7 minute movie 😉
It’s not totally correct because we also created a 8 minute version with only highlights of my presentation but that was probably only 3 or 4 hours of work.
But now I’ve talked (written) enough and check out my new movie & feel free to send me some feedback!

Mini-documentary ‘Cyriel’s mission’

Highlights keynote

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