My 3 favorite (& very creative) music clips

Creative commons Flickr Brandon Giesbrecht

Sometimes it’s good to take a break and be inspired by a great (creative video-clip). These are my favorites of the moment.

‘Walk off the Earth’ – covering ‘Hello’ from Adele – brilliant group who have their own songs but every once in a while they cover a great artist. I absolutely like this cover because it looks like it’s filmed in one take. I also love the two tap dancing guys who go 200% for their performance (with zippers & cymbals) and saying hello to the neighbours at the end 😉

The guys from OK Go are also brilliant. Every video they make is an artwork. I’ve chosen their song ‘This too shall pass’ with the Rube Goldberg machine

And the last for today are three beautiful women who make beautiful music – L.E.J. (Lucie, Elisa & Juliette) with the summer hits of 2015. I love the French accent.

And if you still have time & are not satisfied, then check out these 10 creative music video’s compiled by PartyRockCanada.

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