The new normal

Peter Hinssen, thought leader on the impact of technology on our society, explains in his Book the new normalbook The New Normal how companies may address a society without digital limits.  Organizations are faced ever more with customers and consumers who no longer tolerate limitations in terms of pricing, timing, patience, depth, privacy and convenience. A number of new rules will apply to the New Normal. Internet and connectivity will be just as ubiquitous as electricity. Consumers will demand instantaneous fulfilment of their informative needs. Every interaction with a customer must be viewed as a ‘make or break’ moment in the relationship.

IT departments will have to adopt a new way of working. They will have to react in a more flexible manner to the demands of the company’s business side. IT-departments were used to build big systems, now they will have to create small, flexible structures that can be adapted quickly. They no longer have to build pyramids, they must put up tents instead. Peter gives some very recognizable examples of how the IT department is confronted with questions: why does a corporate website cost thousands of dollars while a young nephew can build a website for his school in a weekend or why can an employee book an online flight in 2 minutes, while it takes employees almost an hour to input their expenditure statements in SAP?

IT has to let go of trying to control everything and focus on coordinating and enhancing things that other people control. They have to adapt to an application-centric model instead of trying to control the infrastructure in this era of cloud computing. New skills and tools are needed to support and interconnect the diverse applications and resources that employees use in order to communicate with the outer world. Welcome to the new normal.

What are the technologies in your business that have become the new normal?

More examples how ‘less’ succeeds in totally different industries in the book ‘Less is Beautiful’.

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