Nice list of smart working and lifehacking websites

lifehackingI have met my friend Johanna Jansen again in Melbourne (Australia) after her big move to this great country.  She’s very busy with working smarter and I’ve asked her if she cold provide me with some great websites about smart working and lifehacking. Some inspiration, tips and suggestions about smart working and lifehacking can be found on the following sites:

• Ever famous website about lifehacking and tips/tools/tricks to make your life a little easier.

• Simplifying life by adopting sane habits.

• Johanna Jansen writes about smart working and quality of work and time on.

• Inspiring website with mind broadening approach to work and making a difference.

• Energetic blogs and articles about time management and work life balance.

• Blog posts about making a better time schedule for more quality of life by time coach Elizabeth Saunders.

• Fresh blogs and interesting infographics by Marissa Brassfield, productivity expert.

• Humble and mindful blog about productivity and happiness by productivity and GTD expert Lisa Peake.

There’s some for all preferences and tastes, and there’s heaps more …

But Less is Beautiful so thanks a lot Johanna!

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