Cool innovations in Healthcare

Cool innovations in Healthcare

I came across a Bloomberg article about Crispr this week and I was quite blown away with the progress in technology of generic engineering. I’ve done a bit more research to find some other cool innovative initiatives in the domain of healthcare to inspire you.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 19.04.40+ Crispr – genetic engineering

Check out this video (unbelievable what’s already possible in the domain of genetic engineering and very scary at the same time) – Genetic engineering, which for decades never quite lived up to its promise, is being transformed thanks to a new tool called Crispr. Scientists can use it to manipulate the genes of any living creature with astonishing ease. Its initial applications have been to target genetic disease, modify foods, and develop new drugs. More info.

+ Portable sterilizer makes surgery safer for millions

Most current sterilization methods require high temperatures and pressures, making them particularly costly to the poorest communities, leaving billions of citizens without the care they need. Eniware LLC’s portable sterilizer is lightweight, safe, and quick, and only needs a capsule of room-temperature nitrogen dioxide to fully sterilize surgical instruments without using water or electricity. More info.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 19.15.42+ Mosquito-trap billboard could help fight Zika virus

The board could help fight the Zika virus by drawing in and trapping mosquitos so they can’t continue to spread the disease. The board releases a mixture of a lactic acid solution and carbon dioxide, mimicking the smell of human sweat and breath, which mosquitos are attracted to from a distance of up to 2.5km.

+ Slack for healthcare professionals

In the medical profession, there is an abundance of vital information that needs to be transferred between patients and different personnel. To begin, healthcare facilities set up an encrypted environment that all employees can access. Then, communication groups are set up between different parties including individual patients and their team, or nurses and doctors who need to share information or documents about specific cases. Carecode can then be used to facilitate remote consultations for patients in care homes or those needing chronic care, or enable specialists to provide expertise to generalists. More info.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 19.08.16+ 3D pill printing for personalized doses

Earlier last year the FDA approved the first 3D printed pill. Now, the National University of Singapore has developed a way to 3D print custom pills, so medication that needs to be taken at varying times during the day, at different dosages, can be produce as a single tablet.

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