Say hi to something everyday

Say hi to something everyday

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A good friend of mine, Jan Wolter, has started a few years ago a website lsltn (it would be ‘lttngg’ if you would translate it in English – it’s about letting go the vowels of the words ‘letting go’).

He wants to make people conscious that letting go is also an option. In our society there’s a lot of pressure to be perfect and continuously work on your personal and professional ambitions – always better, nicer, more efficient, more … and lsltn is a counter movement to this pressure of the society. Lsltn gives you some inspiration for small moments of reflection and a positive mindset.

In the previous years, lsltn has grown organically (it wouldn’t be right of course to have big ambitions with his own concept ;-)) but he has already written two books on this topic; the website looks very nice; and he came up with all kind of products to support the lsltn-vision.
One of his products is the ‘say hi book’. It’s a kind of notebook where he invites you to say hi to all kind of things. Say hi to stuff that irritates you, disappoints you or to things that don’t go as planned. If you say hi, you dare to see those negative things instead of suppressing those emotions. Saying hi is also saying goodbye and sometimes just accepting the things as they are, without the urge of always changing things to make them better.

Also say hi to the beautiful things in life, say hi to new things in your life, say hi to a dream. Reflect for a moment about an element of your day that was quite special and enlarge your positive feelings. You know that you can’t keep the moment but enjoy it and let it go.

Hi sun,
Hi stress,
Hi lady,
Hi friends,
Hi traffic jam
Hi mess,
Hi talent,
Hi new shoes
Hi famous person,
Hi anger,
Hi spreadsheet,
Hi ambition,
Hi TV,
Hi complaint,
Hi neighbour,
Hi plan,
Hi mixed feelings,
Hi forest,
Hi love,

And you can find more alternative ways to look at time in my Timespiration book.

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