Three days Pukkelpop #PKP16 #Baraque Futur

Three days Pukkelpop #PKP16 #Baraque Futur

Baraque Futur PukkelpopPukkelpop is one of the largest music festivals in Belgium. More than 75.000 people attended the festival during the four days. It was the first time that Pukkelpop organised a stage with a line-up with speakers at Baraque Futur. I had the honor of being the Master of Interaction during these days . And it was a great success thanks to a great team (Sabine – stage manager, Joke – coordination Baraque Future, Marc – ideaDJ & Annelies – support) and a lot of amazing speakers & great audience of course.

PKP Sabine_Arnoud

Great team: Sabine Put – Arnoud Raskin – Cyriel Kortleven

We have discussed a lot of topics: Will robots soon take over the world? What’s the point of pandas? Should we fear the end of planet earth? Will mankind move to space? What stuff do we put in our mouths? Are social media a curse or a blessing? And are there any limits to science? And we had a lot of local famous people like Arnoud Raskin – founder Streetwize, Gili – Mentalist, Ish Ait Hamou – dance choreographer , Frank De Winne – astronaut, Koen Van Mechelen – diversity artist, Jef Staes – innovation speaker, Tom Palmaerts – futurist and trendwatcher, Ramon Vullings – cross industry specialist, Johan D’Haeseleer – Experimens and many many more.

We even had a few international guests who were absolutely brilliant:

PKP Steve Mould _Lieven Scheire

Brilliant crazy scientists: Steve Mould & Lieven Scheire

Steve Mould – He’s a bit like the Flemish well-known Lieven Scheire. But even more brilliant. And British of course. Steve Mould is obsessed with scientific curiosities and loves to talk about that. For hours on end, without a single dull moment.

PKP Neil Harbisson

Cyborg Neil Harbisson

And for me the most amazing speaker – Neil Harbisson – Neil is colour-blind. At 20, he had a special antenna installed in his head allowing him to ‘hear’ colours and even infrared waves. Instead of seeing a world in grayscale, Harbisson can hear a symphony of color — and yes, even listen to faces and paintings. If cyborg art and fashion is your thing, Neil is your man … euh … cyborg! You can check out his TED talk. #absolutelyrecommended

A very funny thing is that Neil is the first ‘official’ cyborg in the world (it’s on his passport) and he’s now trying to get a Swedish passport because certain parts of his antenna are made in Sweden. And because his antenna is a body part, he is partly swedish 😉

And it’s also quite nice that my name is mentioned in two media articles (in Flemish):

+ De Morgen

+ Bad Republic

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