You want to buy some Canned Air from Paris?

You want to buy some Canned Air from Paris?

This is a nice example of a crazy idea that’s been implemented – selling canned air from different cities in the world.   If you fancy to smell the air of Paris or New York City, you can buy a can here.

What I really like is that they dared to go for an ‘impossible, crazy’ idea and also worked it out marketing-wize quite smart because you don’t just buy ‘some’ air from NYC because the ingredients are selected wisely:

New York’s canned air  is made of: 20% Empire State Building, 10% Grand Central Terminal, 10% Chrysler Building, 20% Statue of Liberty, 10% Little Italy and Chinatown, 10% Brooklyn Bridge, 10% Times Square, and 10% Central Park.

So those guys can say that they are selling real air. I assume that the inventors have been consultants in the past 😉

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