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    Interested how you can make change simple in your organisation?

    Top speaker Cyriel Kortleven will be one of the keynote speakers at the HRcoreNordic event in Copenhagen. He delivers talks on boosting the Change Mindset of employees and increasing the success rate of change projects in your organisation.


    Cyriel works a lot with senior HR leaders who want to simplify change projects in their organisations. He worked already with organisations like IKEA, Unilever and NASA and he will be available in Denmark (and other Nordic countries) in the days before and after the conference - at a reduced fee.


    Interested in exploring this opportunity to inspire your teams with an international recognized speaker? Get in touch.
  • Cyriel was the key note speaker at HRx 2023 conference in Helsinki, Finland. Cyriel is not only a true professional but also funny, energetic and gives you simple tools that you can start using right away. The audience loved him and he made the Finnish audience "bubble". I can warmly recommend Cyriel as an experienced and insightful speaker who truly can change your mindset."

    Marita Salo - Executive Director - HENRY The Finnish Association for Human Resources Management

    "Cyriel is a true professional and a fantastic personality to work with. I loved working with him prior to and at the MSPA conference. He is an easygoing, energetic person who not only accepts the "job" but also gets into the process of organizing an event, sharing ideas, diving into the background of his client's participants and topics and last but not least he does much more than “just” present his presentation. He creates atmosphere, starts the adventure and makes people laugh!


    Cyriel is like a good cup of coffee upon entering; depending on the audience, he switches to cappuccino or espresso!”

    Nicky Alkemade - organisor MSPA (Mystery Shopper Professionals Association)

  • Check if the questions below resonate with your goals of the event.


    • I'm looking for a speaker who can deliver a light and simple story on change.
    • I'm looking for a speaker who gives the audience pragmatic tools & language to cope with change.
    • I'm looking for a speaker who creates an informal atmosphere & makes sure that everybody is energized at the end of the session.
    • I'm looking for a top professional who will adapt his story to our specific situation and goes the extra mile to create something extra-ordinary.


    If you send me a short mail with some basic info (background event, estimation number of participants, possible date of event) then I'll do my best to send you a tailor made response within 24 hours to let you know if I'm available on that date, with some extra info about the topic and a fee estimation.


    Or feel free to send me a whatsapp (+32 486 87 45 11) with your email and some details if you prefer that communication tool.