• 'No More Boring Webinars'

    Learn 21 (and a half) interactive methods in 99 minutes.

  • Will webinars ever beat real-life presentations? Nope.

    7 reasons why I believe this statement.

  • But that doesn't mean that online sessions have to be boring.

    Watch Cyriel in action during an online session (for Dutch version click here).

  • 'No More Boring Webinars' - webinar.

    Learn 21 (and a half) interactive methods in 99 minutes.

  • I can also deliver my 'normal' keynote

    in an adapted online version

    Whatever suits you. Pre-recorded. Live. Streamed from an empty theatre. All kind of hybrid versions are possible.

  • Or discover my '33 Minutes of Inspiration'.

    Choose 5 topics from the Change Mindset Menu to engage & inspire your employees or tribe.

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