• Your source of inspiration if you want to make change simple.

    Welcome to the Change Mindset Tribe

  • Make change simple.

    If you translated my name 'Cyriel Kortleven' into English, it would be 'Cyril Shortlife'. Life is short so let's make the best out of it.


    We live in a very complicated world so let's make change a bit more simple.


    This platform is meant for professionals who are interested in topics related to engaging employees, change projects or developing a more open-minded culture. And who want to learn and get inspired from their peers in different industries and areas.


    + You want to boost your own Change Mindset and stimulate your colleagues to navigate through uncertainty and take away some resistance.

    + You want to reignite the appetite for creativity, takings risks and achieving ambitious results in your organisation.

    + You are looking for practical tips & tools and inspiration to drive behavioural change.


    Let's explore these topics together. This tribe is for you if you want to make change simple.

  • Screenshot online training

    Online Masterclass 'Change Mindset'

    Explore 25 modules with online videos, exercises and extra background inspiration (articles, TEDx movies, ...)

    Screenshot fellowship of the change mindset

    The Fellowship of the Change Mindset

    10 short funny movies of Lord of the Rings characters in a bureaucratic business environment.

    Interviews with intriguing people

    We organise several (trio-)interview(s) with intriguing people who share their stories related to the Change Mindset. Eg: HR director NASA, Adventurer, Race-car-driver, ...

    Connect & Network sessions

    Every quarter, the whole Change mindset tribe is invited to join for the Connect & networking session. 90 Minutes of interacting with like-minded change makers on exciting topics.

    The Change Mindset Toolbox

    Get access to a database filled with inspirational quotes, cartoons, short funny youtube movies - all related to the Change Mindset

    No more boring online sessions

    Online train-the-trainer

    'No More Boring Online Sessions'

    You will also get access to the train-the-online-moderator modules. 21,5 methods to make sure that your online sessions are more interactive, engaging and fun.

  • What do you get as a Change Mindset Tribe member?


    Live, online, interactive events a year to explore Change Mindset topics together


    Training modules and inspiration to dive deep into the topic of the Change Mindset


    Very funny 'Fellowship of the Change Mindset' videos


    Methods to create more interaction and engagement during online sessions


    Ways how HR can get inspiration from different sources


    Crossing Borders 'inspirational snacks' - what can you learn from other industries


    Welcome gift for members

    An abundance of 

    Extra inspirational materials (interviews, quotes, cartoons, movies, ...)

  • Interested?!

    The Change Mindset tribe will be launched September 2021.

    Please leave your email if you want to stay updated about becoming a member of the Change Mindset Tribe.


    I will need some people to test the whole platform so chances are big that the first people might get a special deal 🎁

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