Safety Instructions – the creative way

Last week, I flew into Australia again to give a keynote at the AMSRS – Australian Market ans Social Research Society and to do some other presentations and brainstormsessions. So cruising through the sky is a big part of my journey.  Everybody knows how boring the safety instructions in the airplanes can be. So this could be an interesting topic for creativity.

“How can we get the attention of the travellers for the safety instructions?”

A few ideas that came to my mind:

+ Do something unexpected – eg  Tell a joke to get attention

+ Make it personal (name a few names of the passengers – the fligt crew has a list of names so …)

+ A lot of people know already the rapping flight attendant but I found the safety instructions video-clip from Air New Zealand also very good and unexpected (clip in style of sixties/seventies – do you still remember the totally wrong colored jogging outfits).

I love the part when they talk about the airmasks: ” if they let down the airmasks, don’ t ask why, just put them on!” – great example of the kiwi-humor.

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