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    'Making Change Happen'


    Here you can find all information about the Sneak Peek sessions that will take place in Belgium.


    Increase the succes rate of your change projects: make it Small, Simple & Specific.



    You can register here for the events taking place in Belgium. This is just an email you send to Cyriel and he will put you on the gustelist. Important: mention location & date when you register! Thanks.

    Hasselt (NL)

    Dinsdag 17 oktober - 19:00-21:00

    Hasselt Universitaire Campus

    Campus Diepenbeek

    Gebouw D (aula H)


    3590 Diepenbeek


    samenwerking met Continéo - alumni vereniging

    Hasselt (NL)

    Dinsdag 24 oktober - 18:30 (hapje mee eten) en presentatie start om 19:30-21:00

    DBV Architecten

    Prins-Bisschopssingel 34 /b3

    3500 Hasselt


    samenwerking met VOKA/PLATO

    Brussels (EN)

    Monday 20th November - 17:00-18:45

    Ambiorix Center

    Square Ambiorix 7

    1000 Brussels


    collaborating with SpeakerHub & Professional Speakers Association Belgium

    Geetbets (NL)

    Dinsdag 12 december - 19:00 - 22:00
    Heerlijckhyt van Elsmeren
    Weg op Halen 2
    3450 Geetbets


    samenwerking met Heerlijckhyt van Elsmeren

    Antwerp (NL)

    Donderdag 30 november - 18:00-20:00

    Theaterzaal 'het Klokhuis'

    Parochiaanstraat 4

    2000 Antwerpen

    (15 min wandelen van Centraal station)


    Deze organiseer ik helemaal zelf. Er worden wat broodjes + drankjes voorzien.


    If you rather want to join an event in the Netherlands or you have friends, connections, colleagues in the Netherlands, who might be interested in this topic, then send them the page on the following link.

    Description presentation 'Making Change Happen'

    This captivating presentation is aimed at boosting the success of your change projects (can be applied to personal habits and organisational change projects). This session delves into the complexities of our minds, uncovering how unconscious brain sway our decisions and providing strategies to steer our mind in the right direction. The key to overcoming the frequent stumbling blocks of change projects lies in embracing three game-changing principles: Small, Simple and Specific.


    Small: Take incremental steps that lead to significant change, acknowledging that action today shapes a brighter future. Start now and adapt as you go, preparing for challenges. Appeal to emotions alongside logic to drive positive behaviour.


    Simple: Reduce resistance by highlighting the new's benefits and strategically introducing barriers to the old. Prepare in advance for 'the Bad Days'.


    Specific: Define clear goals and translate them into tangible behaviours. Create a vivid image of desired change and leverage your environment for support.


    Become a change champion with practical strategies for meaningful success. Are you ready!