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    You are in the right spot to boost your Change Mindset and get inspiration to create an open-minded and engaging culture. Let's cross Borders.

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    + You are a professional involved in engaging employees, change projects or developing a more open-minded culture.

    + You want to make change a bit more simple within your organisation.

    + You are looking for like-minded professionals from all over the world to exchange ideas, insights and tips & tricks to solve challenges.

    + You are looking for practical tips & tools and inspiration to drive behavioural change

    + You want to reignite the appetite for creativity, takings risks and achieving ambitious results in your organisation

    If the answer is yes. Yoehoe, welcome and enjoy the inspiration. If the answer is no, what are you still doing here?

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    Explore the following inspiration resources

    Personal ideas - HR topics


    This is where the Real Action takes place.

    Be part of an interactive (online or offline) event organised by Cyriel and / or his partners. Every 3-4 weeks an online event happens so lots of opportunities to get a lot of inspiration and meet (international) peers.


    Check out an overview of the upcoming events.

    Preview masterclass Change Mindset

    Masterclass Change Mindset

    25 modules online learning

    Enjoy 25 pre-recorded modules of training how you can apply the Change mindset in your own organisation. You can find training videos + extra inspiration / subtopic.


    * Sneak preview of one modules is ready - check it out. Program will be ready 1st November 2021.

    Interview HR Leaders

    Interview Leaders

    Inspiration from your peers

    Discover the stories and tips of your peers working in HR , Internal Communication or Change are coping with challenges in their organisation.

    Crossing Borders Mini Stories

    Crossing Borders

    Inspiration from different industries

    Get inspired by short snackable blogs and discover new insights how HR and Internal Communication can adopt insights from different industries.

    Access to No More Boring Online Sessions Training

    No More Boring Online Sessions

    Pre-recorded training

    You will also get access to the train-the-online-moderator modules. 21,5 methods to make sure that your online sessions are more interactive, engaging and fun.

    Personal ideas - HR topics

    Fellowship of the Change Mindset

    8 hilarious short movies

    8 short funny movies of Lord of the Rings characters in a bureaucratic business environment.


    * Due to corona, we couldn't film those movies yet. It will happen in September 2021, Everything will be ready 1st November 2021.

    Personal ideas - HR topics

    21 Ways 'Crossing HR Borders'

    Booklet with lots of inspiration

    Innovative websearcher Marc Heleven is collecting 21 principles how HR can learn from different industries and other inspiring resources.


    * This will result in an eBook that will be available for members after 1st November 2021.

    Extra inspiration

    Extra inspiration

    Quotes, cartoons, toolcards, ...

    On this page you can download all kind of 'Cool' stuff - you will find toolcards for the ideakillers and nearling, cartoons, posters with quotes, short funny movies related to the Change Mindset, ...


    * This will be developed further in the next weeks. You can already find a first page with cool stuff. 

    Personal ideas - HR topics

    Claim your Tribe Member Present

    Yep, even more inspiration

    If you become a (paid) Tribe Member, you will get a yearly present. The first present will be a copy of my bookazine 'the Change Mindset' combined with several toolcards to stimulate creativity and innovation in your organisation.

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