‘The impossible is only temporary’

creative commons flickr – Jason Rogers

This great quote from Cassius Clay is a very good introduction to the following example.  Izhar – a guy from Israel – who didn’t believe that it was impossible to make a bike from cardboard. The cardboard bicycle can withstand water and humidity, it can carry riders weighing up to 220 kilograms and the production cost is around $9-$12 (expectations cost to the consumer would be around $60-$90 depending on what parts the consumer chooses to add on).

The bikes In this video (takes 6 minutes but worthwhile to watch), he shows that it is possible to break some of the assumptions that the ‘traditional industry’ has about bikes. A lot of times, real breakthroughs in products or services are invented by people who don’t know that soemthing is impossible. I’m not saying that the ‘traditional industries’ don’t work or can’t do great inventions but in some cases the ‘logical’ way doesn’t help (the logical way is often the biggest barrier of creative thinking). What are the impossible ideas in your business?

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