This is life ‘Holstee Manifesto’

Probably you’ve seen it before but it remains absolutely strong and it fits so good with my own vision of life that I want to give it some extra attention. The Holstee Manifesto is written by three people who where starting their own company – producing clothes combined with a lifestyle. They have written down their vision of life and that became the Holstee Manifesto. And apparently they have written down a message that resonates with a lot of people because the message has been shared over 500,000 times and viewed over 60 million times online.

I like every aspect of the Manifesto because the message is so simple. They even use it in their message ‘Life is simple. Every last bit.’ You will get messages like ‘If you don’t like something, change it’ – that probably sounds too simple but in essence it’s the truth. I come across too many people who complain all the time about what’s wrong in their life but they don’t dare to take the responsibility (or don’t have the consciousness) to CHANGE something.

And of course, what I really like is their sentence at the end of the Manifesto ‘Life is short.’ since my name ‘Kortleven’ would mean ‘Short life’ if translated 😉

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