• Corporate Rituals

    Tuesday 30th May 2023 - 9:03 - 10:18 (Central Europe Time)

    with Ewoud Monbaliu

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    TOPIC of this session: Should we integrate Corporate Rituals in a business environment?

    In our daily lives, most of us have several rituals to mark significant moments of transition and process difficult and complex events (eg wedding, funeral, anniversaries). It helps us to create more connections between people and answer purpose-related questions from ancient wisdom.

    Why don't we integrate more Corporate Rituals in our workplaces. It will help to celebrate certain projects or allows reflection time (and reduces resistance) in a more deep & sustainable way. Leaders can use those rituals to mark a moment of transition and connect teams to create meaning. 

    This Tribe session, we have Ewoud Monbaliu as a guest speaker (founder of the international Corporate Rituals movement) who will share some insights how rituals can help corporates to strive. After a 15-20 minutes presentation, we will dive into the smaller breakoutrooms to explore different subtopics:


    • I see the added value of rituals in my organisation. But how do I ensure that my colleagues are also willing to do this?
    • What are do's and don'ts of a Corporate Ritual?
    • What ensures a successful translation to an organisation's context?
    • How can a Corporate Ritual positively change the corporate culture?


    The purpose of this session is to share experiences, examples and look for some common tips/tricks that might help us. At the end of the session, we will also have time to share some good tips, books, TED Talks, websites with each other.


    Afterwards, we will provide all participants a short summary with the most important discussion points + practical tips & tricks. You can subscribe below.