Two crazy weeks

Sometimes people ask me ‘But what exactly are you doing, Cyriel?’.

I answer that my mission is to be a global speaker who sparks creativity and boost the potential of people but that’s of course quite abstract. Here is an overview of two crazy weeks to give you a better impression of my assignments (& you get a better understanding of my clients):

+ MPI Belgium – 60 eventplanners & healthcare professionals – I gave a short presentation to get everybody in the right mindset and facilitated an interactive debate + we’ve done a brainstorming session around 6 different challenges in the healthcare industry.

+ Huis Happaert – 70 mixed participants – this was my try-out session for a new presentation that I’m working on ‘Life is short. Choose life.’ Got very good reactions and it will be new content but also the presentation process will be different because the audience has an influence on the flow and choice of the topics.

+ Devan Chemicals – management team – keynote ‘Surfing the waves of Change’ followed by a mini-brainstorming session to teach them some creativity methods to generate lots of ideas in a short amount of time

+ Thema (publisher) – 280 trainers & coaches at ‘Day of the Trainer’ – taking the role as Master of Interaction to make sure that the flow of the day went well.

+ Esomar – 1000 marketresearchers from 70 different countries who gathered for the yearly Congress in Dublin – I facilitated the largest interactive session ever to create a movement around #IamaproudMarketResearcher.

+ Rijkswaterstaat – 180 participants – keynote ‘Surfing the waves of Change’ and kick-off of the first Idea Cooperation in the Benelux

+ CM Limburg – 70 managers – keynote ‘Surfing the waves of Change’ + facilitated a worldcafĂ© + mega-brainstormsession (8 different topics)

So 7 larger assignments in 10 days is a bit too much because every assignment needs at least one day of preparation because every presentation is 20-30% tailor-made. I love to work with larger groups & giving presentations in an international context is always great. And if you want to help me with my international speakers ambition – and like to earn 500 dollars in 3 minutes – check out this page.

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