The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

ultimate swiss army knifeIf you’re still looking for a perfect Christmas present, maybe this could be interesting … or NOT.

‘Everyone has been asked which singular item he or she would bring to a deserted island. Now, with the ultimate Swiss army knife, containing 87 tools, you won’t have to think twice about your answer. Perfect for the adventurist or light traveller, this one of kind Swiss army-style multi- tasking tool has everything from a flashlight to a fish-scaling tool.

The 87 piece ultimate Swiss army knife contains a wide assortment of screwdrivers, openers, wrenches, magnifiers, compasses, blades, saws, rulers, tweezers and of course a toothpick, so you can pick your teeth clean after you’ve either gutted a moose in the woods or created a submarine singlehandedly. You can do it all with this tool!’

PS: You will probably need at least 21 minutes to find the right tool.

ultimate swiss army knife 2This Swiss army knife could be used as a metaphor for the complexity that we sometimes create in our own organisation. Certainly in larger companies, it can be a big challenge to find certain information on the intranet or to locate the right person to help you. We try to capture everything in enormous database but need a capacious manual to operate the search engine.

Sometimes it’s too much. Do you have Ultimate Swiss complex processes in your company?

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