Use the Tapas method

Data is worthless. Give me insights.

A good market researcher will find many interesting things to report. A great one will focus on fewer items, but

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bridge the gap to actionable insights. InSites Consulting is a new generation market research agency

[125 employees, 5 offices worldwide] where they understand this message very well. I had a chat with Kristof De Wulf (CEO) and Tom de Ruyck (head of research communities) and they explained they use ‘weather forecast’ symbols to measure the happiness-level within Insites. Every week, all employees receive a simple, one question survey which requires them to select one symbol reflecting their happiness level for that week, which gives insight in the individual and organisational happiness of the company and hence allows the proper actions to be taken.

Another method – the name was sprouted during our meeting – is the Tapas method. Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine but we use it as a metaphor for small pieces of information that are communicated over a longer period of time. This means insights from a survey are not only delivered to the management board in a presentation, but also to the rest of the organisation through small, easy to swallow bits and pieces. Every day, people will receive an insight in the form of a tweet, an image, a cartoon, … to make sure the results are communicated in a consequent and easily accessible way.

Apply the Tapas method – delivering small bits of information over a longer period of time to make sure your message is communicated in an understandable way.

And an extra present, you can download the Consumer Consulting Board e-book for free from the website of Insites Consulting.

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