#WDS2014 – Dee Williams – PADtinyhouse

Dee Williams telling her story of her life – ‘I was successful, excellent lover, things were great, then I had a heart attack…’ and that moment shifted her life. Thought back about the superhero she was a child. She build her own tiny house and the experiment started. I chose to life differently and connected to nature.

How much stuff does a person really need? This is a question Dee Williams has been 4_Dee_Williams_infrontofhousechallenging for years, and after a pivotal trip to Guatemala seven years ago, her conclusion was: not much. Dee sold her home, got rid of most of her belongings, and began limiting herself to about 300 possessions — that was everything from heels and a toothbrush, to a couple of dinner plates and a two-ton jack. She then built a tiny house on wheels, parked it in a friend’s backyard, and commenced re-defining her understanding of the basics: community well-being, gratitude, happiness and the compost toilet.

Feel the ground under your feet, connect with nature, be nature.

Just be silent. Be in the moment. And action will happen. Just show up.

She started a business ‘How to build tiny houses’ and give lectures to people and wrote her own book. Go out and be your own superhero!

Website PADtinyhouse: http://padtinyhouses.com/

Dee Williams is the co-owner of Portland Alternative Dwellings where she leads workshops focused on tiny houses, green building, and community design. She’s the author of a how-to e-book, Go House Go, and her memoir, The Big Tiny (Blue Rider, Penguin/Random House) was just released in April 2014.

Dee’s story has been featured in numerous broadcasts including Good Morning America, National Public Radio, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, Der Spiegel, CBC, NBC and Univision. She has also been profiled or featured in hundreds of online blogs and articles, and in printed media including TIME Magazine, The New York Times and Yes! Magazine. She lives in an 84-square foot house in Olympia Washington with an overly-ambitious Australian shepherd, and in the shadow of her dear friends’ homes.