#WDS2014 Jadah Sellner – follow your dream

Building a new business is like building a relationship

Failures are building blocks for the future. Started a company ‘Simple green smoothie’. Three things that helped her in business and love. 


1. Say your dreams out loud

Combine the dreamer and the doer (combining vision boards with spreadsheets). Jadah started with a vision board (inspired by Tony Robbins) to visualize their dream.

2. Take imperfect action

You have to go for it – even if it is not perfect. You need a lot of failures. We all start at zero (money, followers, subscribers, …) but step by step you build something.

Build your community:
– take consistent ninja-focused action (focus on 1 social media platform)
– stay insanely curious and see what sticks (try try try)
– court your community (add value in everything what you do – don’t try to get them immediately to your website)
– create hyper-engaged connection (keep conversation going and interact with community)
– choose love over metrics (connect with the person behind the numbers)

3. Let go

Letting go is hard but holding is like falling on waterskis and being dragged around on the lake. Let go of the outcome, when and how it will happen.

Extra info:
+ jadahsellner.com

Jadah Sellner (@JadahSellner) is a super-powered community-building strategist, marketing visionary, and the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies, where her 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge has empowered over 500,000 people to say yes to their health. Jadah believes the community you build, the people you serve, and the dreams you make… matter. (And she’s got the numbers to prove it.)

In just 16 months, she’s grown her community from 0 to 225,000 subscribers, 285,000 Instagram followers, and 170,000 Facebook fans, reaching over 10 million page views.

She helps world-changers get the courage, clarity and community they need to rock their businesses and serve their tribes. When she’s not blending spinach, you can catch her dancing with her daughter, reading Shel Silverstein poems at the dinner table, and helping dreamers take over the world at jadahsellner.com.